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Date: March 18, 2017

Begin: 9:00 a.m.
End: 5:00 p.m.

Hotel Ramada Innsbruck Tivoli
Olympiastrasse 41
6020 Innsbruck

Cost: € 85

We make our biggest mistakes and have our greatest opportunities during transitions in life. Learn five key principles for recognizing the potential in transitions.

Birth, marriage, loss of job, loss of health. Typically we would call two of these good events and two bad. But all four are transitions and each one offers potential for good or for evil depending on how we respond to them.

Some transitions we pursue – graduation from university. Some transitions are forced on us – divorce. We tend to react differently depending on the origin of the transition. However, the principles apply equally.

The bigger question is what potential transitions did God offer you that you didn’t see? There are tools for spotting the transitions from the hand of God that are not dramatically announced.

Finally, there is the issue of awful transitions in the past. Many of us can look back and see where we completely mishandled a transition and ended up in a long term, bad condition because of it. Some of those bad choices seem untouchable. Are they really?

Scripture is mostly about transitions. There is a mass of information available to us when we look at the Bible stories through the grid of transitions. Some of our most beloved stories are about people who transitioned badly, then got a new opportunity to transition out of the mess, into a better track.

Join us for a vibrant discussion about the gritty stuff of life and how to engage with life in a much more dynamic way. Whether you are soaring or drowning, this seminar will have high application to your life.